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Mike Hayataka Workshops
Mike Hayataka Workshops

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We are so lucky to have this amazing Hooper and teacher right here in the state of Michigan. He has created a mesmerizing style of his own. Take advantage of this chance to learn from the master before he leaves on his fall tour.
Two 1.5 hour workshops with That Hoop Guy Mike Hayataka plus BONUS FREE Fire Hooping Workshop, Fire Jam AND Discount to Rachael Lust workshop!!!!

Buy one of Mike's workshops for $30 or both For $50 and receive the discount for Rachael's workshop and the fire class and Jam at Movement United.
Class 1: 4pm
Continuous Folded Hooping - Beginner / All-Levels
Growing in popularity over the past years, “folding” forces hoopers to explore manipulating their hoop in the third dimension, rather than sticking to the standard wall and ceiling planes. We will learn the 4 essential folding moves - the basic folded circuit, carousel, folded vortex, and the escalator (all the ways, super detailed breakdown) - and with these, we will easily be able create our own infinite combos. Almost all the folded hooping moves feed straight into and out of each other within combos, they are very satisfying to learn.

Contact Hooping - Intermediate
***This class is designed to be scheduled after the Continuous Folded Hooping class***
In Contact hooping we will be using the fundamentals of folded hooping, to learn how to fold our hoop without ever gripping it! Most hoopers have experienced some of the techniques in this class, but most likely it was an accident, catching a drop, for example. We will learn how these little accidents can inform a style of hooping that resembles contact staff manipulation. In addition we will be exploring the tutting grid while contact hooping, and stall points similar to staff stall points.

Class 2: 6pm
Chest Rolls - Beginner / All-Levels
In this class we will learn how to do a PERFECT chest roll. The focus is not on how many different kinds or variations, but how to have a perfectly controlled chest roll that has contact from finger to finger. Then, we will focus on variations. Mike has been doing chest rolls for about 2 years now, and it has been one of the most important moves in his practice. This move can truly show you that you are capable of anything, and that practice and dedication are worth it. If you have ever thought that you cannot do a chest roll with a hoop, PLEASE COME TO THIS CLASS!!!
Hoop Balance Techniques for All Levels (and all prop users) - All-Levels
Mike has been obsessed with hoop balance for the last 2 years and this class is an opportunity to share all he’s learned. Designed to give beginners the basic exercises to practice, and to give experienced balancers new ideas, this balance class is great for all levels. Even if you don’t use hula hoops, hoop balance has no prerequisites so please join us. We will be learning techniques from the hand and finger-tip balances to the butterfly and face balance. If you seek calmness mixed with constant concentration in your practice, come balance some hoops with us!

Fire Hoop Techniques - All-Levels 7:45pm
This class will focus on teaching you how to use your fire hoop with confidence, allowing you to hoop like it’s not on fire! Through simple hand placement techniques, we can learn how to work around the fire wicks. We will be learning how to do tosses, escalators, chest rolls, wedgies, and super tricky ways to light your hoop up. If you’ve ever been afraid of your fire hoop, or if you wanted to use an un-lit one to practice with, this is class for you.

Hoop Jam at 8pm for all workshop attendees

Mike has been hooping for over 8 years and in that time has fallen in love with hooping and teaching object manipulation technique. With his unique style and liquid flow he’s now taking his over 7 years of teaching experience to the flow community. His analytical teaching style informs intuitive, hard to explain concepts, through single technique-based breakdowns. With a successful international and domestic workshop portfolio he has taught at over 40 flow and hoop events over the last 4 years.

Our Price: $30.00

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