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You are Unique.

So is your hoop.

When you order a custom hoop from Monarch Hoops And Dance you get a unique hoop made just for you at no extra cost. If you are looking to purchase a multi-sectioned hoop, have a great idea for a hoop, or did not see the hoop you want in the gallery, then ordering a custom hoop is perfect for you.

You are Origional.

So is your hoop.

Together we will create a one of a kind hoop. Once the design is confirmed your hoop will be built right away.

Design time usually takes between one to three days..

Custom Hula Hoops

Save Time

No searching the entire internet for a specific hoop. Not to mention, your hoop ships just days after design is confirmed.

No Extra Costs

You pay for the tubing and tapes you choose and build time, nothing more. See pricing chart below.

Go ahead, Take the Credit

'Your hoop is soooo rad!'

'Thanks! I designed it myself at Monarch Hoops And Dance .'

You're Special

Recieve individual attention as Tylor helps guide you through the process. It is OK if you don't know exactly what you want at first.

The Process


Email what you need your hoop to look like. You can be as specific or vague as you would like.


Together, we bounce ideas back and fourth. Ideas are tested with colorful drawings and mock ups.


Once the design is confirmed the building of your dream hoop begins.


Within a few short days you will recieve your shiney new dance partner and the rest is history.

Hello :)

Let's talk about it.

I am happy to answer all your questions.

💚 Tylor Klausing


(810) 522 7039

If it happens that your dream hoop tape is not currently stocked at Monarch Hoops And Dance, we can have it shipped in. At this time Monarch Hoops And Dance is not doing custom reflective or LED hoops.

Featured custom Hoops

Beautiful portfolio comimg soon - working on it!

Pricing for Poly-pro tubing



  • Unique Print Tapes
  • Colorful Vynal Tapes
  • Metallic Mirror Accents



  • Captivating Color Changing Tapes
  • Glittering Hallographic Tapes
  • Metallic Mirror Tapes

Pricing for PE Tubing



  • Unique Print
  • TapesColorful Vynal
  • TapesMetallic Mirror Accents



  • Captivating Color Changing
  • TapesGlittering Hallographic
  • TapesMetallic Mirror Tapes

Designer custom Hoops

Designer grip custom hoops

Basic grip custom hoops

Basic custom hoops

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