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Monarch Hoops and Dance
'From coast to coast hoopers at all skill levels look to Monarch Hoops And Dance to provide the best quality custom hoops for the greatest hooping experience.'

Monarch Hoops And Dance
Howel, Mi
ph. 810.522.7039
Chasing Hula Hoops to Health and Happiness

Tylor Klausing

Tylor Klausing is the owner of Monarch Hoops And Dance, and the founder of The Monarch Hoop Troop Non-Profit Organization. 'I have been blessed by the gift of hula hoops' says Tylor. Her enthusiasm is captivating in every aspect of this artform. Her passion to teach others to truly enjoy hula hooping is inspiring. She leads people in a direction that will absolutely change their lives for the better. The artfulness in her craft can be seen in the colorful designs of her custom hula hoops. Her style is most definitely original and the best of quality. This can also be witnessed in the theatrical performances of her students, The Monarch Hoop Troop, and Tylor herself. She says 'When the lights, music, props, and costumes all come together with personality and talent, that is the moment that I work for. That is the reward for all the hard work and dedication.'

Pandora Sutherland

Pandora Sutherland, a.k.a. Hooplasana, is a seventeen year old high school student in California’s San Francisco Bay Area who has had a passion for hoop dance throughout her life. Introduced to hula hoops while touring music festivals with her parents, Pandora found her frequent flow in June of 2014, and established a sponsorship partnership with Monarch Hoops and Dance in April of 2015. Pandora is an enthusiastic and creative hoop dancer that has a history in hip hop, samba, ballet, cheer, and gymnastics from a young age. Pandora embarked on her yoga journey shortly before beginning hooping regularly, and it has been a habitual ritual for her as incorporates her “asana” (a posture adopted in performing hatha yoga) into her hooplah! A passionate and creative soul at her center, Pandora is artistic in many ways other than dance. She has adopted the practice of collecting and creating wire-wrapped jewelry from healing crystals, minerals and fossils. She also has always had a tendency to draw, paint, and create up-cycled clothing and items out of recycled materials and old clothes. Pandora is an avid poet, often sharing her slam-poetry and song-writing with friends and strangers alike. Pandora is always challenging herself, whether that means accomplishing a new hoop trick, becoming more comfortable with a yoga pose, or expanding her artistic abilities otherwise, but on top of the self expression and passionate activities she performs, Pandora is a diligent and organized student, having taken 8 Advanced Placement and honors courses by the time of her high school graduation in 2016. At her highschool Pandora teaches 5 yoga classes each month on her lunch break, and can otherwise be seen during passing periods and lunch jamming to some music and hooping with any other interested students. An avid traveler and nature enthusiast, Pandora is also associated with the National Parks Service and the American Conservation Experience, collecting data on the phenological cycles of plants (seasonal changes in plants and animals from year to year including fruiting, budding and colour change) at the John Muir National Historic Site in the orchards and nearby mountains for climate research for the USA National Phenology Network. Pandora has always enjoyed playing with and teaching children and adults alike, and hopes to be a teacher of hoop dance and yoga workshops, classes and tutorials in the near future. Pandora also is a receptionist and secretary at Type A Yoga in her home town of Martinez, CA. Pandora always tries to incorporate her unique, passion and enthusiasm for art and self expression into everything she does, it is apparent by her funky fashion, hand-crafted jewelry and clothing, and the beautiful Monarch Hoops and Dance hoops that are always hanging over her shoulder. From the schoolyard, to the forests, beaches and mountains of the western United States, Pandora can be seen appreciating her Monarch gear and living precious life to the fullest.
To follow Pandora on her hoop journey follow her instagram account @hooplasana or like her facebook page at
Good Vibes to you from Pandora Sutherland! Love your self and other, and pursue your passions! Love and Light, Namaste.

Maranda Baker

Currently residing just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, Maranda Baker's passion for hooping knows no boundaries. She works locally and is also Operations Manager for Monarch Hoops and Dance. Her hooping journey began in January 2015, when her neighbor made personal hoops for Maranda and her roommate; from then on she hasn't looked back! Her other passions in the flow arts include LED hooping and Poi spinning. Her future goals and aspirations are designing hoops and developing her fire arts, as well as becoming a full-time, sponsored hooper. It didn't take long for her hooping skills to be noticed by an EDM producer, and, in August of 2015, she debuted on and was featured in the music video "Drifting Away" by Jay Allen. Maranda continues to prove that she is a true force of hooping nature, appearing on FlowArt.Tv and working with film maker and producer of Scarykind, Mark Borja. With a hoop in her hand, Maranda's journey continues to spin onward! To learn more about her, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram: @marandabaker

The Monarch Hoop Troop

The Monarch Hoop Troop is a team of ten quirky young girls between the ages of 7 and 14 who have a passion for performing and hooping.
The Monarch Hoop Troop's first performance was in June of 2014, at a town event in Howell, Michigan since then, the troop has been hooping all over the state. All of the Hoop Troops performances are made possible by our generous sponsors including local American Legion Post. So far we have been performing for a year and a half and have performed locally at events such as: Melon Fest, Milford memories and World Hoop Day. We have been invited back to World Hoop Day this year and are looking forward to participating again.