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to Monarch Hoops And Dance  

More products. More flow.

Get Wrapped Up in our New White Lightning Fiber Whip.

Watch me try out these dance whips!

Big bundles of fiber optic goodness make tops dance partners. 

Your Size.         Your design.  Your hoop.

Performance and Practice Hula Hoops.

Hoop Lifestyle. Completely.

All the odds and ends .

Monarch Hoopers.             Way of life.

Inspiring you to follow your unique hoop dreams .

We are the Monarch Hoop Troop .

Classes for all ages in Farmington, Mi.

Online Lessons.

Happy Customers

TOP NOTCH beautiful hoops, always delivered with care and love. Tylor, the owner, is an awesome lady and passionate hoop dancer who puts in so much time and effort into every order she receives. I have ~30 Monarch Hoops and I swear by them!! Professional. Chic. Reasonably priced. Made with love <3

Pandora Sutherland

Love my hoop so much. I always get compliments on it. It has the right bounce to it. Shipping was really fast too!

Myrrisa Hopkinson

I was just playing with the hoop and I am so in love!! It's so beautiful and perfect. Perfecttttt. I love the weight, feel, and everything!

Sammy Lee

The Iron Butterfly was definately a rad first choice, I'm super pleased to say the least!


My favorite hoop company.


I have a hoop from Monarch Hoops and I absolutely love it! Tylor also gave a mini class to family and friends and it was so much fun. Even though some of us were not able to hoop we could still do tricks arould our elbows and hands... even the men! so much fun. Her LED hoops are very cool.

Christine Carolina

My Imagine Hoop is the most stunning hoop I have ever seen. In fact, I completely wore my first one out and this is my second one of the exact same kind! Yours are always perfect. I love your hoops!!!!!

Suzy, Suzy's Tied and Dyed

Tylor is an incredible, sucessful woman as well as an amazing hoop instructor! Her hoops are by far the most beautiful I have ever recieved!

Maranda Baker

I got the hoop last Friday, and I love it. Uncoiling it was super easy with the video. Thanks for that. I'm really enjoying my new hope and it's so much easier to use then the Poly-pro one. And I love that it's a combination of sparkly and purple, my favorite color. Thanks for everything, Tylor!


Always have a fun time in Tylor's adult hoop class! I have learned a lot and she makes it a fun girls night out.

Catherine Knight

Tylor always has a great attitude. Always has a smile on her face. She's very pleasant to be around and can hula hoop with the best of them!

Jason Cunnings

WOW--Tylor and Monarch Hoops makes hooping so much fun for ANY AGE!! The students have a great time and learn ALOT! There is so much talent at Monarch Hoops & Dance there is no reason NOT to attend--Thanks for all you do!

Mimi Hamilton

Thank you so much for all your fun energy and bringing it to North Elementary! The kids and staff loved it and the buzz in the halls is all about hooping it up! 

Dawn Fields

Monarch Hoops And Dance is one of the best companies out there. Tylor is an amazing artist and her hoops are the best quality.

Nashea Scott 

Tylor is a wonderful teacher. I have only been taking her classes for a few weeks, but I've already learned a dance routine as well as several new moves!

Rebekah Quinn

Best teacher around! Classes are fun an engaging. It's great to have someone like her in the community!

Stephanie Seigul 

Chasing Hula Hoops To Health and Happiness

Tylor Klausing 

Owner, Instructor, Hoopsmith, Dreamer

Monarch Hoops And Dance est. 2014

Tutorials. Inspiration. News. 

Spreading love and light daily on social media.


Colorshifting and Halographic hoop to showcase your hoop talent Beautiful soft pink hoop, perfect for stage performance or practice. Available in custom sizes and polypro or PE tubing. Perfect for adults or children. Holographic design with Shimmer shimmering rainbow Flecks. Awesome halographic hoop, perfect for stage performance or practice. Available in custom sizes and polypro or PE tubing. Perfect for adults or children. Holographic design with Shimmer shimmering rainbow Flecks.
Dizzy Daisy
Our Price: $70.00
Sale Price: $63.00
Prima Ballerina
Our Price: $67.00
Sea Moss
Our Price: $65.00