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Enjoy Top Quality Manufacturing Standards

Everything you want in a hoop for one sweet deal. 

All inclusive, means you don't pay extra for add-ons or even 2 day shipping! You get all this 

(because you're all that and a bag of tricks)

Your choice of grip 
  •  3M Ultimate Grip Tape 
  • Colorful Gaf Grip Tape 
  • Hoopin’ Honey Grip Wax

FREE customization! Match your costume, match your shoes, match your personality.

  • Charge may occur for shipments outside the continental US only.
  • 1-3 Day Build Time
  • Rush Processing and Shipping Available

Clear protective layer to protect your circular gem from everyday hoop abuse

Push-Button Connection 
  • Gapless Seam 
  • Easy to Open Coil down your hoop for compact travel. Easily carry on a plane.
  • A Poly-Carb connector that never bends.

Your choice of PolyPro tubing ​

  • Added Speed ​
  • Lightweight
  • Top Industry Standard

Don't forget the hooper decal and promotional goodies

Double sided Velcro hoop strap wrap on multiple hoop orders

AND did you see the multiple hoop discount! 

  • Relief for circus hoopers and troupes. Stack those hoops up!
  • Order Multiple hoops and See the discount applied in your cart!

Awesome customer support

  • Hey I got your back!
  • Physical hoop issues resolved
  • Tutorials and personal help on hooping technique is always a free service

Are you using your ideal size hoop for maximum hooping success? Email and get fast personal advice ( Write ‘Size’ in the Subject Line.) Or, open the Guide To Choosing a hoop tab below.


(810) 522 7039